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Our History


ENA Care Group began with founders Clare and Claudio and their compassion for a close family friend.


In her teens, Edna was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, which gradually impaired her ability to move her arms and legs. By the age of 63 in 1993, a fall in her bathroom led to a broken arm and further complications. Her hospital stay was further marred by the staff's neglect, particularly their failure to assist her with eating due to her limited mobility.

Over time, it became harder to ensure that Edna was being properly cared for. Her husband Ronnie, also arthritic in his legs, was unable to care for her alone. It became clear to Clare, a full-time registered nurse, that the health of her friend was deteriorating. Clare and Claudio decided to invite Edna to stay in their 2 bedroom flat with their 3 children. They took it upon themselves to look for a long-term solution to help Edna return home. She had become so frail during her stay in hospital that the day she discharged herself, she couldn’t be easily lifted from her bed to the car.

At the time, Clare and Claudio couldn’t find a homecare company providing trained live-in carers. Those claiming they did were unable to provide staff who could assist with tasks such as mobility transfers. This left Edna and Ronnie very vulnerable, relying on the kindness of friends to help them wash, dress and leave the house. By this point, it was clear there were no companies who could provide the standard of care Edna needed. Edna asked Clare and Claudio to help find her capable carers and, after some searching, they found Tony and Michel.

​Tony and Michel were equipped to provide the extensive care needed by Edna and Ronnie. Their arrival set the foundation for what would later become ENA Care Group, establishing a service that would continue Edna's legacy through the support of others in need of specialised home care around the UK.

“I will always remember the time Edna lived with us. Our children would come home from school and climb up on Edna and Ronnie to show them what they had done that day. My fondest memory is of my 5-year old twin girls preparing Weetabix with honey and feeding Edna breakfast every morning.”

Clare Duran,

Co-Founder and Registered Manager

Clare and Claudio Duran in winter gear with arms around each other.
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